About Us

TAD is a community of three consulting organizations

The DoMas Group, Appmigos, and DAPA, driven by the shared belief that by coming together their service offerings are expanded; and they and those they come in contact with, evolve into better people and better organizations. At TAD we work holistically and cyclically; refining our internal practices to meet our clients where they’re at and journey upwards together. Holistically means that we guide our clients to focus on their business prosperity, their presence at home, and their personal lives in a cyclical journey of adapting, improving, and growing.


Mission &

Our Vision

To become one of the nation’s most inclusive and impactful small business incubators fostering creativity, collaboration, educational advancement, financial freedom and personal growth; shaping ideas digitally and in-person.

Our Mission

To support small business leaders to create organizational environments where reflection, vision, and engagement are critical drivers of leading personnel and organizational change.

Our Differentiator

Our programs are offered in English and Spanish,
in-person and digitally.

We provide organizational supports to producers, farmers and ranchers, and other organizations who work with them.

Our work is at the intersectionality of vulnerability and a deep commitment to the communities, histories, and long-term struggles to protect the earth; we work by building relationships, trust and serving those who work and respect the land.”

By Sandra Gonzalez

TAD's Philosophy

We believe our clients' success begins with an upward trajectory revisiting their current leadership skills/practice. Only when a client is willing to and improves his/her leadership skills will they foster better working relationships within their organization’s team and stakeholders. As the synergy of leadership and team improves, the organization achieves lasting improvements to its operational flow and the cycle of prosperity moves upward. We continue to support the cycle throughout the smoother operating periods and again challenge leadership to continue to guide a more prosperous /productive team/teams to further develop smoother and prosperous operations; hence, it’s a cyclical process.


Our Holistic Values to Measure Success

TAD values three drivers to measure the success of our clients’ organizations:

1. Being productive and profitable,

2. Being present and relaxed at home, and

3. Feeling vibrant and energetic as individuals

Our Team


Chief Executive and
Wellbeing Officer


Chief Financial and Human
Resources Officer


Chief Operations and
Data Officer


Chief Communications and
Compliance Officer


Chief Digital and Information


Chief Marketing and Design


Executive Assistant to
the CEO

Sandra Gonzalez

Chief Executive and Wellbeing Officer

Bound by a collective respect for TAD’s vision and values; united by a sense of purpose.

She is the Founder of The DoMas Group and DoMas Yoga. She brings an array of experiences from being on teams supporting USDA NIFA/NRCS, education leadership, and independent contracting management of a base realignment (BRAC). She is a transformational leader who has been a full-time teacher and academic administrator in the District of Columbia spanning a career from K-12 Bilingual-Dual Language/ESL to adult education including directing a GED in Spanish program. She is a wellness presenter ready to support any organization. Her educational background includes an Ed.S. from George Washington University, GWU, a M.Ed. from George Mason University, and a Bachelor of Science, B.S. from the University of the District of Columbia. 

Diana Buitrago

Chief Financial and Human Resources Officer

Developing talent and new business opportunities; ensuring a positive cash flow.

Experienced in customer service, financial analysis, accounting, micro lending and finance and accounting education, working with Hispanic community. Manager in Multi-National companies and non-profit organization. Experienced in managing bonds, stocks, and foreign currency and bank branches. Skilled in investment, portfolio risk, mortgage, and micro-lending back office. Specialized in SBA and CDFI funds.

• Adaptable to new and difficult challenges under contrasting working environments and time constraints
• Financial and administrative background with a strong attention to detail
• Experience with the financial analysis of small business operations
• Strong analytical and conceptual skills and ability to translate ideas into actions
• Finds ways to maximize efficiency in the process
• Strong leadership skills
• Motivational style of leadership, successful in building a team. Consistently meet or exceed company goals

Angela Neira

Chief Operations and Data Officer

Overseeing the organization’s daily operations; monitoring our data.

Results-driven professional with over 12 years of experience in business management and leading multicultural teams. An established track record of using creativity, leadership and communication skills to generate positive results from a team. Detail-oriented and highly articulate, strategic thinker and innovator with proven ability to achieve results in a fast-paced environment.

Juan Ramirez

Chief Communications and Compliance Officer

Aligning and infusing humanity into TAD’s messaging; ensuring we follow policies and procedures.

Extremely motivated Digital Marketing and Communication Specialist, with 4+ years of experience. Have a proven ability to come up with interesting ideas for marketing campaigns. Highly skilled in executing online marketing campaigns to deliver compelling business value to key stakeholders and clients. Demonstrated success in: GOOGLE ADS, GOOGLE ANALYTICS, FACEBOOK ADS, SOCIAL MEDIA, DIGITAL MARKETING, COMMUNITY MANAGER, COMMUNICATION 

Ivan Avellaneda

Chief Digital and Information Officer

Bound by a collective respect for TAD’s vision and values; united by a sense of purpose.

Ivan is an expert in network design, network management, and network maintenance, as well as computer and server configuration and maintenance. Ivan is also an expert web and App developer in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and frameworks such as Ionic, Angular, and Flutter. Founder of Smart IT Solution and co-founder of Appmigos Digital 360.

Sergio Suavita

Chief Marketing and Design Officer

Overseeing and coordinating creative advertising and branding; meeting tomorrow’s needs, today.

Marketing Professional with global and diversified experience. Bachelor´s degree in Graphic Desing and graduate degree in 3D Animation. As advertising team´s leader, I manage to create successful campaigns that contribute meeting company sales goals. On-time / on-budget project delivery and customer satisfaction metrics with demonstrated success in:

·Brand Corporate · ATL and BTL advertising campaigns · Visual Merchandising · Social Media – Community Management · Digital Illustration · 3D design

Alex Reyes

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Willingness to help others will always be rewarded. TAD’s values and mission guide our commitment to serve.

Alexander has over twenty years of experience in Customer Service in the private and the military sectors. After completing his service in the U.S. NAVY and becoming a War Veteran, he lived abroad for over a decade. Oscar worked for Non-Profit organizations in South America as Administrative and Operations Assistant for social and developmental programs against child labor, domestic violence, and drug abuse, which gave him a comprehensive understanding of communities’ needs. Likewise, he has been assisting students from different nationalities to enhance their English language knowledge,
academic skills, and most importantly their opportunities for a brighter future. Alexander has a college academic background in Administration and Engineering. Alexander highly believes in teamwork, and he is enthusiastic about creating and fostering new opportunities for people and institutions.