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TAD Federal Request for Proposals, RFP Process


Are you ready to start the RFP Process? Are you a subject matter expert (SME)? Does your organization have:

  • Two years of experience working with federal contracts (prime contractor or subcontractor).
  • Contacts and relationships with the federal contracting authority.
  • Are you ready to invest between $80k – $180k in finding and managing government contracts?

Is your vision and mission written?


Are your NAICS codes aligned to your RFP?

Find your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. The federal government uses this code to classify businesses.


Have you identified your business size?

  • Once you know your NAICS code, check out the Small Business Association (SBA) website to determine your business size standard.
  • Different industries have different standards for what qualifies as a small business, make sure you qualify.

Are you ready to search and find a contract for your organization?


Are you aware that not all RFP’s are the same? Some requirements are different.

  • Tailor your response to each specific project.
  • Read the contract specifications a few times and know the Terms and Conditions.
  • This allows the organization to know how much time and resources are needed to develop a budget.

Are you ready to write a Prospectus and develop your RFP response?

  • Write a well written, well designed, engaging, and persuasive proposal.
  •  Demonstrate that you’re the best organization for their project.

Time to submit!

Always follow the instructions otherwise, your organization will be challenged to win.

TIPS for responding to RFP


Only respond to an RFP that resonates with your mission.


Have an RFP management plan (excellent communication, attention to detail and time management) to help you navigate the process.


Make sure you thoroughly read the RFP’s TCs and specifications.


Give yourself plenty of time to produce your RFP response and submit the final bid three days before it is due.


Proofread and edit a couple of times before you submit it.


If your organization does not win the contract, ask for feedback and use it for the next RFP.


Understand the buyer’s requirements

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